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This page captures some of the many available online sources of information about the forms and practices of worship of the Episcopal Church, the wider Anglican community, and, when called for, issues of the day in which either the larger church or members of Christ Church have an interest.

The Bible

Three translations of the Bible, each in their entirety available for reading online.

The Episcopal Lectionary

As described by the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA), "a lectionary is a table of readings from Scripture appointed to be read at public worship...

"The Common Lectionary, published in 1983, was an ecumenical project of several American and Canadian denominations, developed out of a concern for the unity of the church and a desire for a common experience of Scripture...

"The Revised Common Lectionary, published in 1992 and officially adopted by The Episcopal Church in 2006, takes into account constructive criticism of the Common Lectionary based on the evaluation of its trial use, and like the current prayer-book lectionary, is a three-year cycle of Sunday Eucharistic readings in which Matthew, Mark, and Luke are read in successive years with some material from John read in each year."

The Book of Common Prayer

Along with the Hymnal, The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church is the other book found in all Episcopal churches. The program for any service in the church will refer to Bible passages, Hymnal selections or Book of Common Prayer pages. Here is a link to the complete Book of Common Prayer online.

Links to the organization of the Episcopal Church

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